Year, 2018.
Month, November.
Day, we don't really remember.

We started exploring the idea of a healthier world

and found out that our culture tackled nutritional deficiency only when it became unmanageable.

This led us to build solutions to solve health and wellness needs while allowing our consumers to enjoy daily life in a convenient and fun manner.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it?

We wanted to change how everyone saw their health goals.

And give a reason for the rest of us to at least make nutrition a priority.

Challenges were ample.

From building something that could fit all imaginable diets, to understanding the multiple health goals one could ever have.

And adjusting the plan in their routine effortlessly, it all seemed bigger than we had imagined or hoped.

Our vision is to make your health goals:

The idea is to make people self-reliant and self-aware of their nutritional needs through Simplified Healthcare Solutions.

From our  pre-packed multivitamin health kits to flexible and personalised packs, Supp is for everyone.

We pride ourselves on the sheer magnitude of research that goes behind every product, before it reaches your hands.

When it comes to making personalisation a possible affair, our AI approach works on mining the data of hundreds of thousands of samples before suggesting what is perfect for you.


Everybody is different.
Every body is different.
So are their needs.

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