We believe that health is universal.

Joining hands makes the problem smaller.

1 box feeds 1 child for 1 month

More than one-third of the malnourished children of the world live in India. Compared with their better-fed peers, nutrition-deficient individuals are more likely to have infectious diseases such as pneumonia and tuberculosis, which lead to a higher mortality rate.

With India’s low ranking performance in Global Hunger Index (GHI),  it is imperative we make a small contribution towards our nation.

Supp believes that it is possible to counter malnutrition among deprived children. Health is universal and part of our drive involves using our brand to positively impact children’s health.

We work in close collaboration with Akshay Patra, a non-governmental organisation which strives to eliminate classroom hunger by providing fresh and nutritious meals under the Mid-Day Meal Scheme.

A portion of the proceeds goes directly to our non-profit partner.
Every box you buy provides fulfilling meals to undernourished children for one month.